WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware 1.0 was first detected in May 2017 which targeted computers running on Microsoft Windows Operating System. It paralyses affected computers by encrypting its data and demands ransom payments in Bitcoins. As many as 230,000 computers reported to have been infected in over 150 countries. Recently, WannaCry 2.0 has resurfaced and a handful of […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at 20% Discount

So you’ve been having dilemma whether to get a tablet or laptop for your day to day task. Perhaps Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is perfect for you. Surface Pro 4 is a hybrid between laptop and tablet that is ultrathin, light weight, fast, and versatile, the perfect balance of portability and power.

Web Hosting Singapore

Looking for a Web Hosting solution in Singapore can be very confusing sometimes. There are just too many plans to choose from. In this article, we cover all the basics that you need to know in order to start a Blog or a Website at a very minimal cost for starters. 

M1 ADSL Migration Promo

As an ongoing effort to encourage ADSL subscribers to migrate to Fibre Broadband, M1 has crafted a special plan just for you. Migrate to Fibre Broadband now.

Windows 10 Fall Creators

Great news! Microsoft has began rolling out features packed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for all desktop and laptop computers as well as tablet. Photos Experience App with Auto Generated Movie template allows you to create video clip or animated contents with ease. Very exciting features for YouTube content creators. The Photos Experience App is […]

Fastest Fibre Broadband in Singapore

Singapore comes out as one of the TOP in the world for fixed broadband speed. According to US-based Ookla’s Net Index, in Q4 2016-Q1 2017, Singapore topped 132 other countries to clock the fastest average broadband surfing speed of 180.61Mbps on computers. However, have you ever wondered how well your favorite Internet Services Provider perform […]