IT Maintenance Services

What is IT Maintenance?

IT maintenance refers to the work needed to keep your IT equipment like desktop and infrastructure, running at optimal performance.

The work includes steps like software updates, hardware reboot, security check and clearing of errors found in the log. With ongoing IT maintenance, you enjoy a near zero IT downtime and higher lifespan of your IT equipment.

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Main Benefits of IT Maintenance Services

Regular IT maintenance plan keeps your IT systems run smoothly

Updated Documentations

With proper and updated documentation, this helps to resolve IT issues fast and identify when software or equipment should be upgraded or replaced.

Fixed Expenses

Investing in ongoing IT maintenance contract for your company brings the costs down.

Tighten Security

Making sure your firewall and security software are doing their jobs correctly as external security threats can damage your business.

Longer Lifespan

When computer and server are being checked and maintained correctly, they are in its best shape and hence better lifetime.

Why is IT Maintenance Support Important?

Modern IT infrastructures consist of hundreds of components, and in most cases, a minor problem with one of the parts leads to major issues.

Many businesses call for a new team of technicians every time an issue arises. What they don’t realize is that IT maintenance support is an ongoing process that plays a significant role in keeping up an organization’s daily operations. Only with a stable IT environment, you can plan and integrate new systems to meet your business objectives.

Why We Don't Do Adhoc

Hiring ad-hoc services of a different service provider every time can be costly and impractical. Every time you call new technicians, you have to explain the whole problem and context to them.

In many cases, companies don’t have their IT infrastructure’s methods, policies and priorities documented. This lack of information can make the job difficult for engineers. The last thing you know, they refuse to work on your specific issue. We will never let you be in such a situation.

At Connectbit, we provide a streamlined and robust array of quality IT maintenance services, so you don’t have to experience unnecessary downtime due to frequently reoccurring complications.

Our Services

PC Maintenance

Section 1

Computers are complex devices because they made up of several components.

Desktop users can often experience problems with their machines including but not limited to sluggish performance, application corruptions and frequent software hang, missing patches for installed software, security risks from online websites.

Hence, PC maintenance services are not optional, but a MUST.

Not to mention computers at your organization need to be upgraded with time. We can take care of all the upgrades and compatibility issues that are part of the upgrading process.

With our PC maintenance checklist, you can rest assured your computers are performing at their optimum speed and not serving as open doors for viruses and hacking attacks.

Network Maintenance Services

Section 2

While your network connects your internal computers, servers and surveillance camera, it is also the component of your IT infrastructure that needs maximum protection from security threats.

With our network maintenance services, we safeguard your network against internal and external threats.

Moreover, we continue to upgrade your network, so security and performance compromises are out of the question.

Windows Server Maintenance

Section 3

Microsoft is always updating its servers with new patches, continually improving the security and performance of their software.

These upgrades call for improved and new ways of protecting your server against physical and software damages.

Your organization might be relying on a cloud Windows server residing in a data center far away, but regular Windows server maintenance procedures are still required.

In that case, your server needs to be 99.9% uptime at any given moment. We make sure all your database software tools, customer relationship management platforms and rest of the server roles are always performing at their peak with our monthly server maintenance checklist.

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Section 4

Computer hardware maintenance can be more difficult occasionally than software.

At Connectbit, we ensure every system at your organization meets certain standards for full compatibility and peak performance.

For more demanding jobs, our technicians come onsite to fix IT issues quickly and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT maintenance package covers support for your desktop, monitor, server, printers, internet, network equipment (router, wifi access point, firewall & switch) and email.


Our helpdesk will resolve the IT issue over the phone and via remote tool first. 90% of IT issues can be quickly resolved remotely. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely or has a critical business failure, engineer will come to your office with a response time of 4 hours. For non-critical IT issues, engineer can come onsite the next business day.


We do not cover websites maintenance, customized or in-house software applications (eg. accounting, HR, salesforce, CRM, etc.) For such support, it’s better that you check with your respective software vendors.

Almost immediate. If our helpdesk is experiencing high volume call, we will reach back to you with a 2 hours response time.

Yes! Hardware lifespan is warrant by your respective manufacturers. In fact, we will inform you to renew the hardware warranty. When our engineer discovers that a problem lies with a faulty hardware, we can escalate this quickly to the manufacturer on behalf for you. You do not need to contact manufacturer by yourself. We will work together with your manufacturer get it replaced.

Minimum 3 months only. We believe our customers would be happy with our quality service and continue with us even after the third month.

Yes, there’s many IT providers out there. Many may probably say they have quality service, great engineers, fast response, blah blah blah. We suggest you try us out for 3 months. Go ahead and test our service. See if we can reduce your frustrations over IT matters. If we can’t meet your expectations, we part with no hard feelings. We still remained as friends. Sounds good to you?


Firstly, we do not do adhoc support. Likewise, many IT providers prefer not to do adhoc support as well. Because such adhoc support is very disruptive to their business and does not value add to your company. Furthermore, adhoc support charges is based on hours and you may end up paying a huge bill for the troubleshooting. Unlike adhoc support, our response to you is guaranteed. In fact, your IT problem will be resolved much faster as we already have the essential information on your IT infra. Best of all, you won’t get a heart attack for high bills as our cost to you is fixed monthly.


Depending on your IT equipment and user base, our package starts from S$500 per month onwards.


As long as there’s internet connection, any office is vulnerable to attacks. New virus are created daily and hackers are constantly trying new ways to test their skills. The good news is that hacker or virus attacks can be significantly reduced with regular maintenance. We will do a primary security assessment for your company, and advise the areas to be improved accordingly.


Our presales will need more information on your overseas office first.

If it’s not a compatibility issue, all IT issues can be resolved. Don’t worried about it.

There’s no trial period. 

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First, we make sure we always keep our customers updated when working on issues. This communication makes them a part of the process, and they don’t have to do the guesswork.

Our technicians are trained to explain things to you in the most understandable and simple words. We keep jargons to our internal meetings and make things comprehensible for our customers.


We’re your IT support in Singapore, so you can focus on what matters most. We like to keep our technical visits a minimum while we diligently do the work behind-the-scenes and avoid problems before they arise.

If your technicians pay you many visits, this might be because they are not doing their routine check well.

Call us right now and get rid of your IT side of the worries so you can focus more on digital transformation and growing your business.