Green Radar grAssessment


With extensive experience in analyzing and stopping global and local threats, we pick the best real scenario, adding localization and customization to your organization to launch the most relevant phishing awareness and education campaign and elevate the confidence level of your employees in real-time.

Expert Insight in Real Battleground

Humans are always the weakest link when it comes to phishing attacks. A solid defence strategy would include an end to end protection with awareness education and real-time training to enhances your end users’ awareness of their role in thwarting phishing emails. Assessment campaigns using canned phishing templates may provide the organization with a false sense of security as they do not emulate real-life scenario attacks. 

Complete Insight

✓ Planning and consultation
✓ Customized phishing attack simulations
✓ Managed roll out and tracking
✓ Real-time end user education videos
✓ In-depth report and Executive debrief

Pulse Assessments

✓ Easy to set up phishing attack simulations
✓ Real-time end user education videos
✓ Pulse Report

How it works

Phishing Assessment Campaign

Key differentiators

Tailored Campaign

Having the most relevant real-life stories that is tailored to the aim of your exercise, grAssessment generates the most effective result for insight

Full Managed Operation

Security experts guide the campaign, from requirement discussion to launching the campaign, with insights captured in a detailed report presented at an executive debriefing for follow up action. End-to-end covered

Accurate Result with Analytic for Executive Insight

Results are analyzed by threat analyst to provide insight and recommendation based on the uniqueness of your organization

Full-feature Service Line

Green Radar has a full suite of security protection covering human error mitigation to fully automated AI analytics protection, all managed and operated by our in-country experts